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The Meigle Faerie Tree

Updated: Jun 6

The faeries have moved into Belmont Woods....

The first of our MAC Trail installations was launched today with Meigle Primary School pupils. A fifteen minute walk from the school led them to a secret place where the faeries have set up home. The children were thrilled to see all the faerie furniture, and one or two even felt the faeries ticking their hair as they wandered round the tree!

The youngest and the oldest together cut the ribbons on the Faerie Tree plaque to uncover the QR code

They were excited to scan the code to see what would happen, and were delighted to hear a poem about the faeries written and read by the very talented Kerry Fleming from Jagged Roots

Kerry is a children’s writer and poet who was commissioned by the trust to design, build and install a bespoke Faerie community on this old, gnarled Yew tree in Belmont Woods, along with an accompanying poem. 


The faerie furniture, which includes doors, windows, and swings made from natural materials foraged in the woods, has been sympathetically installed on the tree at the back of Belmont Camp. The poem is the first we have commissioned for the MAC Trail, and Kerry very kindly recorded it for us at the tree. If you can't make it to the tree, click on the photo below to hear Kerry reading the poem.

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