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This page provides an introduction to life in the Meigle and Ardler area.


We have put together a range of resources across our Smart Village that describe some of the historical events that have shaped our local area and provide an insight into local landmarks and significant buildings.


We also shed some light on how commerce and business have defined and continue to inform work and leisure in this corner of Strathmore. 


The ancient, historic and picturesque village of Meigle lies in the Vale of Strathmore on the Eastern edge of Perthshire and it has a very colourful and interesting history. The name Meigle, Migdele or Migdol is of Pictish origin and probably refers to Mig meaning swamp and Dol or Dele meaning field or meadow due to the presence of Meigle burn passing through the village and proximity to the River Isla and surrounding marshland.  The ancient village of Meigle is situated on the Eastern side of Scotland on the narrowest part of the Strathmore valley at the confluence of the River Isla and Dean Water.  It marks the natural convergence of ancient stone age trading routes from North, South & West leading to creation of a stone age settlement which was eventually to become Meigle.  Meigle, claimed to be one of the oldest villages in Scotland, is situated on the eastern side of Scotland on the narrowest part of the vale of Strathmore just within the eastern edge of the Perthshire boundary and within 1 mile of the border with Angus.  Meigle is bordered by Newtyle 2.5 miles to the SSE, Alyth 5 miles to the NW and Coupar Angus 5 miles to the SW.  The town of Forfar lies 12.5 miles to the east, Dundee 13 miles SSE is within easy reach on the No. 57 bus route and Perth lies 19 miles SSW on the main 57 bus route.

Ardler old church.JPG


Ardler is a peaceful, wee village between Coupar Angus and Meigle. The village has around 200 residents and is surrounded by farmed land. 


The countryside around is great for cycling and walking with many quiet roads and paths. 


The Ardler Tavern is a lovely place to pause for a drink and something to eat.

Meigle and Ardler Community Development Trust

Meigle and Ardler Community Development Trust are committed to developing a sustainable community where people will want to stay, work and play, now and in the future.  


A sustainable community needs to be sensitive to the local environment and seek to enhance it for the good of all present and future generations.  


Also, in this interconnected society, global sustainability needs to be considered as part of enhancing our environment and improving our way of life.

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Smart Villages

Smart Villages are designed to connect people in rural areas, supporting new and existing enterprises and creating a network of digital champions – all working together to build a vibrant, creative and sustainable rural economy. 

Developing a Smart Village for the Meigle and Ardler area allows those who work and live in our local area to have a say in how we support local businesses and how we design and deliver projects that will make a meaningful improvement to your daily life.

A Smart Village portal will significantly improve connectivity and communication across our local area allowing us to enhance our response to planned and unplanned events (such as road traffic incidents, bad weather or the recent pandemic), develop sustainable activities that promote a greater connection with our environment and allow us to develop new ways of working that promote our local area as a tourism hub and business destination. 


We are extremely grateful for the many and wonderful contributions we have received to develop the Meigle and Ardler Smart Village.  In particular, we would like to acknowledge:


Christopher Dingwall, local resident, for providing us with tremendous historical information and photographs that offer locals and visitors alike a real opportunity to learn more about the Meigle and Ardler area.


Clare Cooper.  Cateran Ecomuseum for supporting our enthusiasm to share what is within this incredible 'museum without walls' and we are excited to see how this develops from a Meigle and Ardler perspective. 

Rae Taylor, local resident and Secretary of the Meigle & District History Society for his commitment to sharing his fascinating knowledge about, and photographs of Meigle and the surrounding area

The many businesses, groups and services who are supportive of our concept and for sharing our vision to make Meigle and Ardler a first class place to live, visit and work.  

Image by Courtney Hedger
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