Meigle and Ardler Community Council

The purpose of the Community Council is to listen and act accordingly representing the residents of the area. Also, we can act as a consultation group working with the Council and outside agencies.  The representation between both communities are 7 from Meigle and 3 from Ardler. 


Monthly meetings are still being held remotely through Microsoft Teams and we welcome any member of the community to join us.  Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month and we normally have a full Agenda looking at planning, traffic and any other local issues.  


Although we are still a newish Community Council, we pride ourselves in getting things done for the benefit of both communities.


We also have great support from our Perth & Kinross Councillors who keep us appraised of issues.  


For anyone looking to get in touch you can email


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Photo Credit: Campbell Napier, Meigle


Strathmore and the Glens​

Development trust covering Strathmore from Scone to Glamis and surrounding areas. Incorporated to encourage the development of the wider area focusing on economic development. Key founders of what is now Growbiz. Currently runs the Blairgowrie Community Markets.


Email Sue Cole for further information or telephone 01828 640763

Group Planting a Tree


Four Councillors cover the Strathmore Ward – their contact details can be found by following the links below:


Meigle and  Ardler Community Development Trust

Meigle and Ardler Community Development Trust (also known as MACDT) is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).  Scottish Charity No. SC050381.  


The Trust has been formed to benefit those who work and live in the Meigle and Ardler area.  Our guiding principles focus on promoting Resilience, Innovation and Sustainability across the area and will be applied to achieving more specific objectives.  Our Articles of Association and minutes from the meetings can be viewed here.


If you are interested in joining the Trust as a Trustee or Member, email 

Farmers Market

Meigle Community Trust

Community Trust for development of Meigle and surrounding areas based on the catchment of the Primary School, incorporated Sept 2004. Custodian and constructors of the Community Garden. Developmental activities previously on behalf of the Community and Meigle and Ardler Community Council.

Contact Nick Cole for further information or telephone 01828 640763

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