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Meigle and Ardler Community Development Trust were approached by Support in Mind Scotland to deliver a community led Winter Lockdown Project to encourage both of our communities to work together in a connected and active way.  As one of three areas in Scotland to be invited, we are also delighted to be assisting Public Health Scotland and the Scottish Community Development Centre with their research.  

We are working closely with a range of local partners, on our aptly named ‘Flame of Fusion’ project that is designed to bring together lots of different skills and exciting experiences including video, music, song-writing, poetry, art, physical activity and much more.  Although households may not be able to meet other households in groups, the way that activities are planned means that individuals or families can contribute e.g. a short video clip, photographs, drawings, diaries etc. and we will bring this all together for one collective video for Meigle and Ardler.  A local video ‘Meigle Village Life 1971’ has been the catalyst to create a new 50-year anniversary video and this will embrace both communities. 

Please read our full Press Release for further information or read about the wider initiative here

Active Schools Blairgowrie - Virtual Orienteering

One of our key local partners has now launched this fabulous activity and it is available to Meigle Primary School and the communities of Meigle and Ardler!

You have two options on how to participate - you can download/print out the map and clues or you can use the MapRun6 app - read the full instructions here to get all of the information you need to take part.

This is the first route of many planned and is around 3 miles long with plenty of clues.  There are also various QR codes (similar to the one here) displayed along the route - when you find them, focus the camera on your smartphone over the QR code and you may just find out a historical or other interesting fact!  (Please be assured that any QR codes you find displayed in the community will be taken down again around Easter time)

This activity is part of a wider project to put together a 50 year anniversary video for Meigle and Ardler so please send us any photographs, videos - or anything else related to your participation in this activity - that you would be happy to have included in the video.  The video is about YOU and is for YOU!

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Image by Dan Meyers

Good mental health and wellbeing

Our projects are designed to give everyone in the community a little boost and connect with other people through a joint activity, even if the activities are completed within your own bubbles or virtually - there will be lots of things for everyone to join in with over the coming months.

We all have mental health and it is important to think about different ways to maintain good mental health.  Here are a few links to various organisations who offer support - if these are not suitable, please do ask your GP, friends or family to help you identify other support groups or networks:

Support in Mind Scotland


Breathing Space


Young Minds

Name that Dog!

We have a new activity to get everyone talking (at a safe distance of course) and it's called Name that Dog!

We know there are many dog walkers in the area and we want to include you in our project.  How does it work?  All you need to do is, next time you see someone you recognise out walking their dog/s, get chatting with them if they are happy to do so and find out their dog's name.   (We are aware of recent incidents involving dogs so please only speak with people you are comfortable with). 


You don't have to be a dog walker to take part, you might be out walking on your own or with family.  You never know, you might make someone's day by taking the time to stop and speak to could be the only person they get to talk to all day.

What next?  Tell us which doggies you have met and with the owner's permission, take a photograph of their dog (owners are allowed in photos too!) and share them with us.

What will happen to the photos? We would like to use them for the new Meigle and Ardler video we are developing this year so please share as many as possible - you can email them to us at

Image by T.R Photography
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