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Meigle and Ardler Community Development Trust is continuously looking for innovative ways to enhance the 

well-being of those who work and live in the Meigle and Ardler area. 


An innovation can be a short life project that improves access to services, or it can be the long-term redevelopment of buildings or disused areas of land.  Recent innovations have seen the Trust engage with residents and businesses to ensure the Trust delivers a strategy that meets the requirements of those who work and live in our local area.  The Trust has also partnered with local and national organisations to create a digital resource to raise awareness of local businesses and tourism opportunities within the Meigle and Ardler area.


In this section, you can review our current work activity.  We will post ‘Calls to Action’ in this section where we will invite individuals, groups, organisations and businesses to work with us on future innovative projects. 

Image by Ameen Fahmy
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