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We're now in the very early stages of planning and refurbishment of the Community Shed. We've arrived at the really important point of getting ideas and opinions from the people who will make use of the Shed*.

We've put together a preliminary questionnaire so we can gauge what people in our community would like to see the Shed provide, and what direction it will take moving forward.

If you think you would like to make use of a Community Shed, please take the time to fill out our survey. Also, feel free to share it out to family and friends who might be interested. Please complete the survey by Sunday 9th June 2024.

Many thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you Ali Napier

Community Shed Project Lead

Meigle and Ardler Community Development Trust

(* We haven't even decided on a proper name for the Shed yet - that's being left to the people who will end up using it. Until then, it's just "the Shed").

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