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Meigle Old Pavilion & Bowling Green - Reviving Heritage, Building Community

Old Pavilion, Meigle
Old Pavilion, Meigle

We had a great response from people online and via the printed surveys. We spent a fun day with the children and staff at Meigle Primary School too, playing bowls on the bowling green, learning about the history of bowling, and talking about & drawing what the children would love to see the space used for.

We've had really creative and fun responses to our survey, the word cloud below gives a nice visual summary of the key responses that we got from the community. For anyone not familiar with word cloud - the bigger the word the more times it came up in responses, this makes it easier (hopefully) to identify themes and favourites.


The responses from this feedback, alongside the viability survey we're hoping to complete this year, will inform the concept proposals for the building and grounds. Our aim is to keep community engagement at the heart of everything we do, so this is just the first phase, and there will be further opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas. Please keep an eye out on social media or on our website for updates and next steps 

MACDT is a small charity, run by a local group of volunteers, we rely on you to work with us and to encourage others to get stuck in. We've got limited resources, so if you would like to get involved, for example by delivering surveys or leaflets, maybe providing printing, or helping at events we'd love to talk to you!

Any questions about the survey or if you'd like to volunteer for MACDT, please email

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