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Our new Podcast series is live!

Meigle and Ardler Community Development Trust are delighted to go live with their occasional podcast series

called Blethers from Mac the Pict.


Each episode will be recorded with Meigle and Ardler residents, groups and businesses in mind but through our Buzzsprout platform, we also hope to attract a wider audience. 


New episodes will only be available on Buzzsprout for approximately 90 days but the MP3 file for each episode will always be available on the Smart Village afterwards so you can easily catch up if you miss any.



Episode 2 - Fusion of Summer Fun can be accessed directly on the player below or as an MP3 version here


Our second podcast features interviews with lots of local people which has been just fantastic.  Now that we can start emerging safely from COVID-19, the Trust felt it was very important to ensure that all of our local residents had a better understanding of what might be available to do, both for their children and for themselves.   This is a long episode but so worth the listen!


The following sports club and active schools representatives were interviewed:

  • Caroline Lawrie - Active Schools Blairgowrie

  • Susan Whiteford - Blairgowrie Tennis Club, Blairgowrie Hockey Club, Eastern Perthshire Community Sports Hub

  • Iain Stewart - Meigle Cricket Club


You can find their contact details and much more in this hot off the press flyer - this is THE directory to use if you are looking for sport and physical activity!

Bob Ellis also took part in the podcast and more details about the Cateran Trail and Cateran Ecomuseum can be viewed on their respective websites.

Jonny Channon from SOEC Belmont gave us a a quick update too and further information on their Summer Holiday activities for local people will be available soon on their Facebook page.

Further information about the Flame of Fusion project described by Wanda McGregor can be found on the Smart Village.


Happy Summer everyone!











Episode 1 - Find Time for Exercise can be accessed directly on the player below or as an MP3 version here


Our first ever podcast features an interview with Mike Dales, author of a new book Find Time for Exercise - How to challenge yourself and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise and which will be available from late May onwards from


You can also sign up to a mailing list and be one of the first people to learn when the book is available


Listen to Mike talk about the Ten Principles he refers to in his book and much more including: 

  • Sit less - Stand more - Move more. 

  • However much exercise you currently take, even a small increase in your level of activity could provide you with benefits to your health and happiness.

  • Find what works for you and make sure you enjoy it.


This is a very relevant topic for us all, particularly after such challenging times during the pandemic.  Tune in and learn more!! 

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