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Hedge & Tree Planting at Ardler Village Hall

Updated: Jun 6

Volunteers braved the cold today to plant hedges and fruit trees at Ardler Village Hall.

One of the first things we did after the community consultation in 2023 was to take out the rusting posts and wire fence at the front boundary of the site. The Mushroom Trust funding has now allowed us to plant a wildlife hedge in its place, which will provide shelter and food for insects, mammals and birds, and help improve biodiversity in the area. The hedge is mainly made up of Hawthorn, mixed with Dog Rose, Guelder Rose, Hazel, Holly and Crab Apple.

We also planted seven fruit trees: a mix of native apple, plum and pear. This will be our community orchard, so we're hoping for bountiful harvests in the years to come!

It was a hard day's work doing all that digging, but thank you so much to all the volunteers who helped out!

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