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Wild Flower Sowing at Old Ardler Village Hall

Updated: May 31

Did you notice a flurry of activity at the old village hall site this week?

With the weather finally improving, a group of hard-working volunteers prepared the ground and planted wild flower seeds in the garden. First the turf had to be removed, then the ground raked over, before seeds were sown.

It might seem odd to have to do so much preparation for something that seems to grow naturally anyway, but if the grass wasn't cleared it would compete with the wild flowers and inhibit their growth. By putting in the preparation time before sowing, we hope to achieve better results. A life lesson there perhaps!

Many thanks to Mike McLaren for donating the wildflower seeds. Huge thanks also to the volunteers who gave up their Wednesday morning to help develop this community space.

If you're interested in helping out with the Ardler garden, please contact

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